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Looking for a Visual Designer to solve your Visual Problem?
I have a Solution!

My Qualities & Skills:
• Great visual & language storytelling skills! For you this means: thinking about your entire customer story, layout, and communication.
• Empathic & Imaginative.
• Easy to work with because I have a calm vibe & organized philosophy!
• Constantly wanting to learn.

I’d like to assist you by helping to grow your company by visually solving your problems with my design thinking!
• I am currently located in the San Luis Obispo, CA area but I reach out freelancing, telecommuting, & remote work.

Please, use this contact form to send me a design request or meet personally and talk design.

Let’s Work On a Design Solution Together!

I’d like to hear more about you and your business.
Explaining your entire project in its entirety will save us an extra step writing emails back and forth.

Please include:
1. Your budget for the project
2. What type of work you will need (ex. a 3D model, a logo)
3. Deadline for the project
4. What you picture the final project outcome to be like.
5. Please send the resource files you do have via Google Drive, Bitcasa, or Dropbox to

Remember, the first meeting is free.
Meetings after that are $25.00/hr.

I will contact you as soon as possible. For current rates check out the ‘prices’ section below. Thanks!

Don’t want to use this form?
 Email me at


3D GraphicsMost Popular

$ 150

Per HourThis estimate is industry standard for my location.
I can also negotiate and work with a budget that suits both of us.

2D Graphics

$ 100

Per HourThis estimate is industry standard for my location. 
I can also negotiate and work with a budget that suits both of us.

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