Cindi Parkinson | Multimedia Designer
BFA Interactive Multimedia

Hello! I’m Cindi Parkinson, a graduated Graphic Design B.F.A. Interactive Multimedia student at California State University, Fresno. My minor is Media Arts, which deepened my comprehension of audio production, experimental film, and 2D/3D animation and modeling. Being a Graphic Designer of today, I work with multiple design modes. My passions include: responsive web design, print layouts, brand and identity, motion graphics, experimental film, photography, and 2D/3D animation and modeling.

Here’s a brief history of who I am and why I do what I do. I grew up in a medium sized town called Visalia, CA. Here, I would discover my talent for drawing and knew I wanted to pursue a career in art by elementary school.

In 6th grade, there was a contest that included the entire Visalia School District called “Reflections” and I won first place for an illustration. I knew I wanted to become a graphic designer when my mom, being a Graphic Designer, taught me Illustrator and Photoshop, that same year, in 2001. Since then, I have received a formal college education as well as gained essential self-taught knowledge regarding my design skills that will forever require me to remain current.

In April 2010, I won “Best In Show,” the highest rank, for a acrylic painting on canvas at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA in a show called “Upside Down Times.” This painting was my first painting I had ever done with acrylics and encouraged me that I was capable of working with different design mediums and also be successful at them. In August 2010, my talent for visual art took me to California State University, Fresno where I studied everything Graphic Design and interactive multimedia absorbing design experience about: Mobile apps, responsive web design, film documentaries, experimental film, photography, audio production, 2D/3D animation/modeling, and motion graphics.

My design style aims to be comprehensive by executing a complete concept or purpose for a specified project. My best work has different qualities ranging from: hyper-realistic, super simplistic, serious, or playful. When approaching a challenge no matter what the project, there is always room to add extra-details to enhance my distinctive character. My inspiration comes from my every day life, family, friends, music, and movies.

I believe to achieve the ultimate perfect and beautiful design; one needs to equally possess form and function in a marriage with one another. It is vital that the design concept is memorable and is relevant to today’s standards. Standing alone the design should have it’s own voice and be able to speak for itself.

Outside of my design my passions include spending time with my boyfriend André, drawing, listening to the latest alternative rock music weekly, and visiting the ocean.

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"...she was the first person I thought of when asked to refer a Web Designer to a professional colleague."

− Candace Egan, Mass Communication Instructor | Regarding a website for former SciFi Channel executive Rod Paul

"...she listens carefully, has strong communication skills, and is prepared to work as part of a team."

− Joan K. Sharma, Color Theory Instructor | Impressed with Cindi’s installation at the Senior BFA Portfolio Show

"That's Fantastic!!! Once again, you're amazing!!"

− Rusty Robison, Interaction Design Instructor | Regarding a behind the scenes video for the "DogIt! Fresno State App"
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